Positive Persona Edit

People with this persona would be super positive ! If nothin special happens ,they would always smile .

Quotes Edit

" Ah. Is that a (weapon name) ?! Well, pretty sure you are going to put it somewhere safe!"

- When a student with this persona sees Yan-chan holding a weapon

"Did you think of something funny?! If you did , please tell me!"

-When Yan-chan laughs n front of students with this persona

"Gosh. I feel so sorry for (victim name) ...Who could have done ths...?"

-When a student with this persona sees a dead body

"Oh my...! Calm down! Were you angry of (victim-name)?Well,you should have just calm down. I understand tht sometimes people do feel angry, well, I do! But just...slow down and breath calmly ...It helps.And oh! I'll dispose that (weapon name) for you ! Well, see you later then!"

-When a student with this persona witness Yan-chan murder somebody

Students with this persona Edit

- Mamiko Diamondo

-Yuki Koun

-Hana Rinsu

-Sanmi Saiyu

-Maku Saito

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